The Mouse Pad Stream

Saturday, February 6 at 8PM CST

Welcome to the long awaited Mouse Pad Stream! That's right, I finally made the graphic which means we finally have a date. If this is the first you're hearing of this, the general idea is a fundraiser stream where our goal is to raise $10 to purchase a custom mouse pad for the channel. However, we're going to earn that mouse pad. For certain dollar marks, we'll complete what are essentially punishments on stream. Plus, the highest donor gets to select the photo that will appear on the mouse pad.

Below, you will find both a detailed schedule of the stream, as well as your incentives to donate.

The Schedule

08:00PM - Open Bar

Join us before the games while we show off our new bar set and make our drinks.

08:30PM - Pirates Online

It's franchise month and we just finished watching Pirates of the Caribbean. To complement, we found a fan remake of the old Pirates Online game and made an account while drunk, so we're going to create a pirate and set sail and generally see what happens.

09:00PM - Chicken in the Darkness

We once again attempt to complete the worlds first ever Chicken in the Darkness walkthrough. We probably won't succeed. Brian and Cassidy keep telling me we're like one step from beating it but they've also said that for the past like 3 steps so I'm convinced the game is infinite.

10:00PM - Seterra

Using our collective brain power, we'll attempt the highest score we can achieve on the 220+ countries and territories quiz. (When I was in practice I got 74% on this while not paying attention in class one time, so thats the bar to beat. -Drew)

10:30PM - SCP Containment Breach

We're starting over in SCP Containment. The last difficulty was too hard, so if we ever want to beat this game we have to knock it down. We're going to drop the difficulty and see how far we can get by the end of the segment.

11:30PM - Chess

Cassidy launches her pro chess career and simultaneously learns to play chess live on stream at

12:00AM - Hitman

After unlocking the sniper rifle, Drew will attempt to kill every NPC on Hitman's Sapienza map. I'm not sure why I scheduled this for the end of the stream where we will inevitably be the drunkest, but, here we are. This could take more than an hour...

The Incentives

$2 - Shots

We'll celebrate our first goal with shots.

$4 - Strawberry Cheesecake Beer

We'll drink this Strawberry Cheesecake Sour that has been in our fridge. It's not a great beer, but who knows what people will think.

$6 - Shot Roulette

We play a game of Shot Roulette. Everyone gets a number and takes the accommodating shot. Some are good. Some are alcohol. Some are worse.

$8 - Drinking & Driving Stream

We'll do a Drinking & Driving in Mario Kart stream in the near future. You have to finish a beer before you can finish the race, so this could get out of hand quick.

$10 - Pizza Smoothie

This feels pretty self explanatory. To celebrate reaching our mousepad goal we're gonna try to blend pizza and drink it.

$15 - Cassidy Plays Layers of Fear

Our first stretch goal: We'll stream a full play-through of Layers of Fear with Cassidy in control.

$20 - Shot Roulette 2: Chatmaster Reloaded

Brian is going to reload the Shot Roulette glasses with whatever he feels like/has on hand and we're gonna play another round.

$25 - Three Course Cooking Stream

We'll make a three course meal and stream the preparation live. This will be a disaster. Cooking is hard, multitasking is harder. Something will probably get burnt.

$30 - Serrano Peppers

We're each gonna eat a serrano pepper so honestly I hope we don't reach this goal.

>$30 TBA

If we are to somehow exceed $30, we're not going to leave you hanging. We'll attempt to add stretch goals as we go along, and are more than happy to take suggestions as well.

If we exceed $10, the money will still go into the channel in the form of purchasing equipment such as a ring light, longer cables to accommodate a more permanent bar, and new games to play.